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Welcome to OZ Broadband Reviews. On this site you will find reviews of Australian Broadband Companies. Feel free to browse the site or add your own review. Adding a review will help other people choose a quality broadband company.

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Reviewed by: Asshahs on October 20, 2017
My experience with iiNet has been terrible with a VDSL connection.
This company, internet speed and customer service is so appalling it’s hard to believe they remain in business. Promised speeds of around 25mbs are usually around 6 and regularly drops so low (below 1) that I can’t watch Netflix on low res & can’t stream Spotify. The installation guy did a test AFTER installing and said “oh looks you’re only going to get about 6mbs” If we actually got that all the time then maybe it would be almost ok.

Internet stopped working & I spent over an hour on hold before speaking to a customer rep and they don’t have an Australian based call centre. They couldn’t lodge a fault outside of ..... [Read full review]

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Aussie Broadband


Aussie Broadband logo

Reviewed by: Julesdixon59 on October 17, 2017
Value for money, voip phone is brilliant and clear.
Only had one downtime in the last two months. Much better than telstra who we were with befor. ..... [Read full review]

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TPG logo

Reviewed by: Roels on October 11, 2017
I have been a 10+ year customer with them. As a result of storm damage, the line had to be replaced. They send an engineer and did an illegal job. Lines entangled with 220V Power cables, sticky taped etc. As of then we had a really bad connection 90% of the time (0.3Mbps max). All their engineers acknowledged this was the problem. After 9 months of no usable service their final solution is they offered me to switch provider!!!!! Seriously, this must be a joke!!! But no the meant it :-(. I hired my own technicians to replace their illegal connected line (I have photo's etc to proof it). Now I have internet again and it looks since the last 6 months they went into the oversubscribing their customers to milk as much money out of their customer ..... [Read full review]

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