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TPG Review

Posted: September 12, 2011 - 8:36:59 AM

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Plan Name: ADSL Internet
Broadband Type: ADSL
Monthly Cost: $50
Activation Time: 14 days

Speed: 50%
Reliability 20%
Tech Support: 50%
Presales Info: 50%
Features: 15%
Value: 50%
Overall: 39%

Pros: Once you are connected, they are reliable
Cons: Overseas callcentre

TPG service is offline more often than it is on. I am constantly having to reset the router. When I have a problem, I have difficulty being understood by the overseas call centre people. My service has been disconnect twice in 2 months without a valid reason and it has taken hours of lenghty and frustrating phone calls to rectify. You get what you pay for, so save your sanity and go to another provider