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TPG Review

Posted: March 19, 2012 - 5:08:04 PM

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Joined: March 19, 2012

Plan Name: Unlimtd ADSL & phone
Broadband Type: ADSL
Monthly Cost: $59
Activation Time: 65 days

Speed: 70%
Reliability 50%
Tech Support: 5%
Presales Info: 50%
Features: 50%
Value: 50%
Overall: 46%

Pros: cheap and unlimited
Cons: customer service, slow, unreliable, theives

Well as you can guess this is going to be a negative review of TPG. I have been long serving customer of TPG, during my time with them i had found them to be good value for money, however there have been many a times in which there have been issues with unexpected disconnections, the speed has been decent, service on the other hand has been apalling! i have found TPG to be reluctant to provide any information when you need it, and to get in touch with them over the phone you first have to wait approx 15-25 minutes just to get through to someone, and then deal with (sometimes) moody operators, or operators that are of no help whatsoever. TPG has made it a habbit to make regular false promises and failing to get back to you. My advice is if you do decide to go on with TPG and if you do deal with the operators, once they have your details request to speak to the supervisors - you have a better chance of being helped out (though i cant gaurantee this after now dealing with a couple of them). In January I relocated from Melbourne to Canberra, I paid all my transfer fees and the works, once i had a fixed address i notified TPG and they informed me that there would be a 20 day wait for a technician to come down and activate everything. i thought this was quite a wait, but being a patient person gave them the benifit of the doubt. 3 weeks later i received a phone call from them informing me that the following friday the technician would arrive and do their thing, they also informed me that if i was not present at the time of the technician i would be chaged around $150 for the call out. i then arranged to have the day off work for friday. When friday came, the technician failed to turn up, and TPG failed to notify me of this, so that was a day of work lost. i was then informed that it would be another x2 weeks until a technician could come. I was pretty unhappy as you could probably imagine. so i contacted their TPG team and informed them that this was unnacceptable, and after being handballed from one operator to the next over a period of days (with each phone call averaging around 45-60 minutes) i began to get furious, i informed them that i was unhappy with their service, especially as they were not delivering anything (thus effecting work and uni) and that i wanted to terminate. i also requested a refund of my transfer fees and to not have to pay the remaining 6 months as i cannot wait forever for their connection to go ahead. to cut this last bit short, it has been over 2 months now and after countless calls to them (because they never follow up and call you back), i have been told they will not refund my tranfer fees. I am now appealing this and will seek legal advice, this company are theives, they are unreliable, and are liars. the number of false promises they have made to me is mind blowing, and i cannot begin to fathom as to how discraceful they are. my advice, find a company that provides what you pay for and doesnt steal your money. find a company that has operators that do call you back and follow through with what they say they will. this company are scumbags!