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TPG Review

Posted: July 10, 2012 - 12:31:13 PM

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Joined: July 9, 2012

Plan Name: Fail+
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $60
Activation Time: 15 days

Speed: 50%
Reliability 5%
Tech Support: 5%
Presales Info: 5%
Features: 50%
Value: 50%
Overall: 28%

Pros: Their technical support staff encourage you to learn Hindi
Cons: hey lie and steal from you

From day one of signing up with TPG I had constant connectivity problems. Every 2 days I was one the phone to them trying to get my internet connection restored.
Their technical support staff barely know what a computer is, or how to speak English. I constantly had to repeat myself to them and dumb down my English and technical language so they could understand me. After weeks of constantly calling them with drop out issues, they decided to send me a new modem. I am an IT professional and I told them repeatedly it was not an issue with the modem but they just do not listen.
They sent the modem anyway. The modem turned up with no protective packaging and was not surprisingly dead on arrival. They told me I had to post the dead modem back to them but refused to pay for the cost of the postage.
Weeks went by and I eventually fixed the connectivity issues myself, without their incompetent help.

TPG then sent me an email demanding that I return the modem within 5 days or they will charge it to my account. I put it in the post the next day and emailed them the postal receipts and tracking number. 3 days after their threatening email (and after I sent them proof that I had returned the modem) they took the cost of the modem straight out of my bank account! So now they have the modem and have charged me for it! I am now having to try and recover the cost of the modem through the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

When I finally got a reply from TPG, they told me my refund was pending approval but was outside of their "1 month policy". They also asked me to return the original modem. The modem that I bought off them, that I OWN, AND IS NOT BROKEN!

What right do these people have to take money out of my account, threaten me, demand that I post things to them at my own expense, or ask me to send then working equipment that I own???