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TPG Review

Posted: August 20, 2012 - 3:17:35 PM

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Plan Name: ADSL 2+
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $55
Activation Time: 60 days

Speed: 10%
Reliability 10%
Tech Support: 10%
Presales Info: 75%
Features: 10%
Value: 20%
Overall: 23%

Pros: Pre-Sale staff helpful
Cons: Poor communication, no customer service, fast to take money and slow to give it back

This process began on 21/6/12. Very quick to take the money prior to line checking and other installation requirements. Literally taken out of the account with a few days of signing. Over a two week period received email updates, then an update to say sorry but we can\'t process your application due to a line issue. Contact us to resolve the issue. Well if you win awards for Customer service, surely you as the company supplying a service should be the one contacting the customer? I ring, I ring, I ring, still no-one rings back and still no internet or updates. After complete frustration and 6 weeks of waiting and ringing, we advised TPG to cancel everything and refund the money as they can\'t supply the service they said they could. We were told to take back the modem and from receipt of modem would take 5-10 working days for money to be refunded. That was 25th July 2012. I rang following up that they received everything and to ensure the refund was being processed. Then rang again 5 days later and requested to speak to the supervisor after being told they were waiting to find out how best to refund the money, again they had the bank details as that was where they took the funds from??? I was told it would take a further 5-10 working days from my phone call 15/8. After complaining to the Supervisor about their lack of customer service I advised them it needed to be expedited as this was simply not on due to their incompetence. Was told they would do their best to have it processed within 3-5 days. I asked if, I can do a EFT transfer today and it arrive in someones account tomorrow, how come theirs take 3-5 days and that�s with no guarantee. I gave them till today to have the money in our account before I lodged a complaint on line. I check the bank this morning, still no money. I ring TPG again, this is valuable time I will never get back as most phone calls are between 20-30 minutes and that is waiting on hold... Ask to speak to the same Supervisor am told he is on the phone. When I begin to explain that I will be lodging my complaint on line as I warned them of last week, the operator said, let me place you on hold to talk to the supervisor? How can he talk to the supervisor, if he is on the phone? This is also the supervisor that promised he would in fact phone me back instead of me having to follow up.... again another lie. So still no refund. Don\'t know when I will get it, don\'t know if I will hear back. Disgraceful. This was for my retired Dad who has never had a computer or the internet before. I have been with Telstra for in excess of 12 years, I should have just gone to them to begin with, but had heard such wonderful things about TPG, thought I might give them a try� Well to any other new users out there, don�t bother and if you do good luck and be prepared to part with your doe early and be accepting you may never ever get it back�..