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iinet Review

Posted: August 8, 2013 - 6:03:22 PM

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Plan Name: ADSL2+
Broadband Type: ADSL
Monthly Cost: $60
Activation Time: 14 days

Speed: 70%
Reliability 20%
Tech Support: 20%
Presales Info: 30%
Features: 30%
Value: 50%
Overall: 37%

Pros: Nil
Cons: Everything

After receiving the modem I was on the phone with the polite but glad handling staff up seven times, going through ludicrous tests, re-bootings, this,that and the other. Finally got the thing to work after two weeks. Extremely unreliable. I can never connect when I want to and I am sick and tired of ringing them up. Then they billed me over $300 for the service calls which they labelled un- necessary. They did credit me when I rang them in a fit of righteous rage. But it is all so irritating and blood pressure raising. I have told them that I have cancelled my contract and that I won't be paying them a cent. I am prepared to go to the ombudsman and the department of fair trading, consumer affairs. That's how p..... Off I am. My advice: don't sign up with them.

Adam (iinet)
Posted: August 15, 2013 - 4:00:30 PM

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I'm a representative of iiNet and wanted to discuss some of what was raised here.

Regarding the initial difficulties setting up and tests performed, there are a number of things that can cause problems with a home internet connection and unfortunately we do need to troubleshoot these issues to work out the cause of any issues. Problems can include interference from phones/fax machines connected to the phone line, bad internal wiring, wireless interference, modem issues (configuration or hardware problems) and issues with the phone line back to the exchange.

If the issue appears to be with an iiNet modem (within warranty), we will replace it for you (no charge). If we discover through troubleshooting that the issue is likely with the line from the house back to the exchange we'll lodge a fault and have a technician out to investigate or make repairs at no cost to the customer (no service call fee). However if the technician finds out the problem is with the customers premise or equipment (such as filtering, internal wiring or other customer responsibilities), they will charge an "incorrect callout fee" that is passed on. If you feel the fee has been incorrectly applied, you can dispute it with our Billing team on 13 22 58.

If you think a complaint or dispute with us has been mishandled by a representative, you can also escalate it to a senior representative or manager who will investigate the case. More details about our process here: ... on_process

Posted: August 15, 2013 - 8:33:08 PM

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Hi Adam,
Good to know that iinet monitors their customers feedback.
My phone line is still scratchy so that I cannot speak with my dad in Denmark, which is the second reason we have the landline. The main reason is that my mum can call us or emergency services if she needs to whilst we are at work.
Please tell me why I need to waste my time on repeated phone calls to 'address' issues with my service from you, that belong to iinet. Why do I need to spend my free time to work out issues with iinet, when you should just provide the service to begin with. Tell me why it is my responsibility to contact you to sort out the problems, when one, they don't get resolved, two, iinet try to charge me for giving feedback about your lack of service, three: when I know that I have a limited lifespan and I could be doing something a lot better with my time.
Your comments are a good example of the glad handling that you experience when you call support to complain. Nice staff, bet little result.

Adam (iinet)
Posted: August 22, 2013 - 6:06:39 PM

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Remotely, there are many things we cannot discern about the service, including whether there are line issues with the copper wiring to the exchange. For us to discover these, they need to be reported to us by you when you discover the problems. From there we can lodge a fault and look at having a technician out to repair any problems. However if the technician discovers the problem is with your premise (including internal wiring) or equipment, then it is the customer responsibility to make sure it is maintained.