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iinet Review

Posted: November 15, 2013 - 11:00:12 AM

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Plan Name: Diana Dharmadi
Broadband Type: Wireless
Monthly Cost: $80
Activation Time: 9 days

Speed: 50%
Reliability 65%
Tech Support: 50%
Presales Info: 10%
Features: 55%
Value: 5%
Overall: 39%

Pros: Call back feature for customer support for 15-20minutes wait. At least they\'re better than Optus in this matter.
Cons: Cant rely on their own information about data in Toolbox and SMS.

Purchased a 20GB/mth data for only a month. Close to 20GB usage, they sent me a warning SMS. I called them and checked my usage, told I was nearing 20GB. So I asked them to turn it off right away and they did. Two months later they sent me a $195 bill saying that I was actually over by 9GB for that usage. And there\'s nothing they can do about the bill, while their 10GB plan is $35. I have no time right now to fight with a call centre guy, but I will bring this matter to a serious level. What if they send me a bill later saying that I was $1000 over?? Their system and agent misled me by saying I was approaching 20GB, NOT 9GB over! So disappointed. Since I intent to only use it for a month, the agent I signed up with told me that I cant restrict the usage to be just 20GB with no excess. Now another agent just restricted it for me. What a rip off???!!!

Tal (iinet)
Posted: November 19, 2013 - 4:35:53 PM

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Hi Diana,

It can take up to 48 hours for the full amount of data used to be reflected in Toolbox. If a lot of data is used in a short amount of time we may not see how much data has been used until a little later. To that end, we strongly suggest using the data tracking aspect of the MBB interface. We also do set an unbilled limit for each service which by default is set to $200. This can be adjusted to a lower or higher value.

I would suggest liaising with our support team further on 13 22 58 and utilising our complaints escalation process ( ... on_process) to discuss the account further.