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TPG Review

Posted: June 18, 2014 - 3:09:48 PM

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Plan Name: Monthly
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $80
Activation Time: 3 Weeks

Speed: 40%
Reliability 40%
Tech Support: 15%
Presales Info: 40%
Features: 40%
Value: 35%
Overall: 35%

Pros: Information on the website
Cons: No proper knowledge from customer service representative

I started with TPG in 2012 JAN.
Recently I moved to a different suburb and transferred the existing connection and all sort of issues started with it.
To get the existing Internet and Phone connection transferred it took around 3 weeks.
First you have stated that the unit had no connection and had to send a technician to fix it.
Second you charge me $60.00 to get it fixed.

The technician arrives and states it is all fixed and it should be working fine.

To get the technician to visit the place it takes around 2 weeks which is frustrating.

Once the Internet start working finally there seems to be a connectivity issue.

When I gave a call to the customer service these are the replies I get:

Reply 1: You are using a MICROWAVE and that is the reason your Internet is not working.

Reply 2: You are having electronic devices such as Fridge and that is disrupting the service.

What kind of people is your company training who gives such an answer?

So, to use TPG one should never have a FRIDGE and a MICROWAVE in the home.

Being frustrated or I should say irritated when I give a call this time they say they would test the service for 2 hours (GOD KNOWS WHAT KIND OF TESTING IS BEING DONE)

In 2 hours time I get a call stating they have to do more testing on the service and will monitor it for 24 hours.

Ever since I relocated this has been such a nightmare.

Just to open a normal webpage it takes forever.

At the time of billing the money is debited from the account on time but the service that is being provided is degrading and deceiving.

I need a proper explanation as to what is happening with the service and need this to be fixed ASAP.

I would need a person who really knows something about internet and phone connection to call us and get this issue fixed ASAP.