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iinet Review

Posted: September 17, 2014 - 6:30:48 PM

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Plan Name: Naked
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $110
Activation Time: 1 days

Speed: 100%
Reliability 100%
Tech Support: 100%
Presales Info: 100%
Features: 100%
Value: 100%
Overall: 100%

Pros: Great customer service, great internet coverage, great speeds
Cons: Calls to mobile very expensive

iiNet has perfect customer service. Unlike other ISPs that send you to a call center in another country, most of the people I have dealt with are Australian.

As well as this, the level of support is higher. The employees actually know what they are talking about and are clearly trained.

iiNet's contract details are very precise, and there is not as much lee-way as other ISPs. I've maintained contact with them when necessary though and have experienced no issues whatsoever.

Fully recommend to anyone.