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TPG Review

Posted: June 22, 2015 - 11:53:01 AM

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Joined: June 21, 2015

Plan Name: Unlimited ADSL2+ and phone
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $59
Activation Time: >30

Speed: 60%
Reliability 40%
Tech Support: 5%
Presales Info: 10%
Features: 20%
Value: 25%
Overall: 27%

Pros: Cheap unlimited broadband
Cons: Apalling customer support, dissapointing response times to fix technical problems

Was with TPG for over 3 years before moving to a new address. The fact that it had been 3 year made me forget how painful it was to have my service connected when I first joined them. I naively thought staying with TPG was the easiest... 20 days before moving houses I notified TPG of the move so they could have enough time to organise the switch. 1. Even though I was an existing customer, they made me pay a connection fee and agree on a 6 months contract 2. Over 30 days later, I received an SMS on the to notify the service was connected in the new address. However, upon checking, I discovered I still didn't have phone or internet. Called them and they could only commit to send a technician after over a month! After several calls complaining this was unacceptable service, they sent one of their technicians who fixed the issue and gave me a '2 months free of charge' compensation. 3. Only a couple of weeks after that, service was out again, no phone and no internet. Called them the report the incident and was told one of their engineers would look into it. The next day, over 24h later, they sent an SMS saying the would send a technician within a month!!! I then proceeded to cancel my account, for a Service I wasn't getting. TPG just sent an email saying that, not only they are not going to compensate for the downtime, nor honour the two months free of charge they offered but also that I'm due to pay them an 'early termination fee' for existing a contract for a service I wasn't receiving