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TPG Review

Posted: July 25, 2015 - 2:38:07 PM

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Joined: July 24, 2015

Plan Name: FTTB
Broadband Type: Cable
Monthly Cost: $69
Activation Time: 3 days

Speed: 40%
Reliability 100%
Tech Support: 100%
Presales Info: 75%
Features: 50%
Value: 100%
Overall: 78%

Pros: Fast, reliable internet for adsl prices!
Cons: nothing drastic, while it is still fast, the speeds are not as high as expected

Booked online, hardware sent next day, and install the day after. Connection is fast. My average upload is 20-30 mbps with average download of 50 mpbs (connected) or 30 mbps (wireless). This is still fast, but slower than expected... but the connection is stable, the tech support is immediate (I sent an email and received call in a few hours on a saturday!). Really happy.