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iinet Review

Posted: July 31, 2015 - 2:57:57 PM

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Joined: July 30, 2015

Plan Name: Crap ADSL
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $29
Activation Time: 57 days

Speed: 5%
Reliability 5%
Tech Support: 5%
Presales Info: 5%
Features: 5%
Value: 5%
Overall: 5%


Where do I start? It took 7 weeks to get my ADSL activated, yes 7 weeks. After that debacle, I was told that I would not be charged the installation fee, setup fee and a modem fee. What happens next? I get invoiced for $525 for all the fees I was told I would not have to pay. It has since been two weeks in which iiNet continually tells me that they will re-credit my account, still hasn't happened. I actually had internet connectivity for 5 days and then the service dropped out and haven't had it for the last week. I have called their inept, technically challenged, and useless support line, usually on hold for an average of one hour, with no resolution at all. Every single time I call I get a new moron on the phone. Yesterday I was told that I would be receiving a call from a "Fault Management" supervisor this morning, do you think they called? No, as usual. iiNet has not provided any type of service, they are literally a joke, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY with this pathetic company. The problem I have is between the DSLAM and iiNets network... yet they refuse to send out a technician to verify that the line is working. I get line sync on all 8 phone ports at my residence, Telstra has verified the lines are clear and the quality is good. I have used two different modems but iiNet still isn't convinced that it isn't a modem issue. So I get to pick up a third modem in the mail today. So here is what I am going to do. I am cancelling my service with them since they have FAILED MISERABLY at providing any service per our contract. Seriously, this company needs to do everyone a favour and go out of business. I could tie two cans together with string and have better connectivity.