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iinet Review

Posted: September 27, 2015 - 2:44:51 AM

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Joined: September 26, 2015

Plan Name: ADSL Broadband +
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $69
Activation Time: 3 Weeks

Speed: 10%
Reliability 15%
Tech Support: 30%
Presales Info: 30%
Features: 30%
Value: 10%
Overall: 21%

Pros: Tech support has always been friendly
Cons: Tech support has never been able to solve the slow speed and downtime problems

I am most unhappy with iinet and found this website because we are looking for a new ISP. We signed up with iinet about 2.5 years ago because they were a Perth company (owned and operated from Perth), but they've now been bought out by TPG and the connection in the last month has been horrific. We now have not had internet access to international sites for more than 24 hours! iinet claims there is a broken cable in Singapore! Unbelievable. Internet speeds are terrible and I am amazed I could load this webpage. iinet deletes messages to its Fb page so we cannot read what people are posting. This morning we posted a question asking when the problems would be fixed and the person's reply didn't answer the question. This type of secrecy and games was never the "iinet way" so the only option we have is to go another way.

If you are looking to sign up with a new ISP I strongly recommend against iinet. We live about 6km from Perth city and cannot get fast (even mid speed) internet; whereas the new suburbs 40km away have fast net speeds. We cannot even watch films on the net without a stop every one to 10 minutes so we simply give up. For $69 a month we've had enough.

Today I posted a message on Fb asking people to suggest a good ISP and the only responses we got "was who not to use" lol.

I am genuinely interested in hearing other people's recommendations. We want an Australian company and not one that "claims to be Australian" but its parent's company is overseas, such as in Singapore.

Thank you for setting up this website. It's easy to follow and a good source of information - uploading and downloading.