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Dodo Review

Posted: November 18, 2015 - 3:19:38 PM

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Plan Name: Unlimited ADSL2+
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $30
Activation Time: not sure

Speed: 30%
Reliability 30%
Tech Support: 20%
Presales Info: 50%
Features: 30%
Value: 75%
Overall: 39%

Pros: Cheap price, online chat
Cons: Tech service is bad

If we have telstra for #1 worst and rude customer service here we have Dodo for #1 useless tech support and inconsistent internet connection.
I could deal with the lower speed than advertised but I'm so annoyed on how the tech support deal with my problem.
My internet connection was on and off since last week. The first time I called they say it's because my phone like cable is longer than 3m. I said fine let me change it first. For Christ sake I've never have a connection problem from having a long line cable.
Guess what the internet went off and I contacted them via the chat.
Im at work and they asked me to contact them back once i have access to my modem which mean i have to be at home. They want me to setup the modem and so on. Jesus!!! re-setting my modem again won't solve anything. It's like "oh let me log out and log in. Ta da! it's all solved"