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TPG Review

Posted: February 3, 2016 - 12:33:40 PM

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Joined: February 2, 2016

Plan Name: Not sure
Broadband Type: ADSL2+
Monthly Cost: $70
Activation Time: 20 days

Speed: 5%
Reliability 5%
Tech Support: 5%
Presales Info: 5%
Features: 5%
Value: 5%
Overall: 5%

Pros: It use to be good
Cons: Tpg is an absolute joke!!!!

The internet is non-existent, it literally drops out every 20 seconds or so and then takes 5-10 minutes to regain connection only to drop out straight after. I have checked both modem and router (even purchased new ones) but they are fine. It's the service. I pay $69 every month and they do not even provide basic service. I try to call and get a recording saying there are too many inbound calls and cannot receive any more. That would be everyone complaining. Do not use TPG!