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Spintel Review

Posted: August 31, 2017 - 9:50:21 PM

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Plan Name: ADSL+2 Unlimited
Broadband Type: ADSL
Monthly Cost: $96
Activation Time: 7 days

Speed: 10%
Reliability 90%
Tech Support: 20%
Presales Info: 10%
Features: 10%
Value: 10%
Overall: 25%

Pros: Good connectivity
Cons: Speed drops when they no longer value you. (eg: you have 1 month left on the contract).

Regional (was getting about 1.2mbs DL for a long time)
Month by Month
No drop outs(always had internet connection)
Speed dropped from about 1.2 Megabytes(ps) to 120 kB(ps). Has been like this for 5 days. After I reported the situation to them ,my internet speed dropped even more down to 0.00375 KB(ps)