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Dodo Review

Posted: December 13, 2017 - 11:12:00 PM

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Plan Name: Dodo
Broadband Type: ADSL
Monthly Cost: $65
Activation Time: 10 days

Speed: 5%
Reliability 5%
Tech Support: 5%
Presales Info: 5%
Features: 5%
Value: 5%
Overall: 5%

Cons: Constant Dropouts always disconnecting my children from games. Poor customer Service everything is disgusting and the speed as slow as a turtle. Waste of money and never dodo try and chrge me an extra $65 a month to get faster internet it should as ready be fast enough!

This company is disgusting. Bad customer service and the speed is just so slow it keeps disconnecting my children from games. Dodo also tried to charge me $65 extra a month for faster internet it should be fast enough! Shut this company down!