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Dodo Review

Posted: April 5, 2018 - 9:08:17 PM

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Plan Name: Unlimited
Broadband Type: ADSL
Monthly Cost: $70
Activation Time: 25 days

Speed: 50%
Reliability 50%
Tech Support: 35%
Presales Info: 10%
Features: 30%
Value: 30%
Overall: 34%

Pros: None at all
Cons: Liars, incompetent, useless

Absolutely appalling company.

I had to spend over 16hours on the phone trying to get a modem and in the end had to go pick one up. Spent another 4+ hours trying to get the cancellation organised when dodo couldn't provide internet due to a move of house (less than 15k's from where I was).

Not one staff member did what they said they would, not one... I have had to make dozens of calls to them and spoke to dozens of staff. Neach and every one is incompetent.

This company is the most disgusting, incompetent, appalling, ridiculous, useless, pathetic and abhorrent company I have ever dealt with..

Avoid them at all cost..