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TPG Review

Posted: January 10, 2005 - 6:17:21 PM

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Joined: January 10, 2005

Plan Name: Home
Broadband Type: ADSL
Monthly Cost: $49
Activation Time: 14 days

Speed: 95%
Reliability 70%
Tech Support: 20%
Presales Info: 90%
Features: 50%
Value: 90%
Overall: 69%

Pros: Unlimited downloads, access to PIPE
Cons: customer support should improve inregards to technical knowledge (but some are very helpful), dropouts

Overall I am very happy with my package- unlimited downloads at a very cheap price and PIPE is a big plus. Support is below average but most people who knows how to use a computer will probably won't need it.

Dropouts are common (well for me anyways)- but can be fixed with a quick reboot.

Unfortunately TPG doesn't offer it any more.

I would recommend TPG for those trying out broadband and those that don't plan to download a lot since there are no excess charges, which is a big plus. Unfortunately there are no more unlimited plans (except for $150 for a 1500/256K connection but thats for businesses).