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iinet Review

Posted: May 3, 2019 - 12:46:37 AM

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Joined: May 2, 2019

Plan Name: NBB100
Broadband Type: NBN
Monthly Cost: $90
Activation Time: 7 days

Speed: 5%
Reliability 5%
Tech Support: 5%
Presales Info: 50%
Features: 5%
Value: 5%
Overall: 13%

Pros: Nil
Cons: unreliable, Dishonest and poor customer service.

Terrible service, constant issues with internet dropping out or not getting speed that was promised. I have spent 8hrs on the phone over a four week period to fix my internet which they took a week to fix and then same problem again 2 weeks later NO INTERNET. When I told them I was cancelling my month to month contract because I was not happy with their service I was promised a months credit and credit for all my downtime if I stayed with them. I said ok but if it keeps happening I will change providers. Two weeks later no internet again and when I called they said they will get back to me within 24 to 48 hours to let me know when someone will come out to fix it. I told them that's not good enough and cancel my service. It took 2 hours on the phone just tocancel my internet with them. Then I received an email telling me that they are only giving me a $9.50 credit followed by another email saying that my new invoice is due by the 30th May for $90. I can definitely say that they won't be getting any payment from me for the above amount. This company lacks customer service, honesty and integrity. All they worry about is ripping people off. When I was on adsl I was with Optus and stayed with them for 15 years, When nbn became available I chose iinet because they sponsor the Hawthorn football club so as a loyal Hawthorn nember I chose iinet. What a big mistake that was. Bottom line is, If you want reliable internet and good customer service then iinet is not for you