What internet speed do you really need?

May 20th, 2024
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What internet speed do you really need?

In the modern Australian household, fast and reliable internet has become a necessity for work, education and entertainment. Slow internet can cause stress and frustration, reduce productivity and waste people’s time.

The connection speed of your broadband internet plan determines how fast information can stream from the internet to your house. Some people tend to get caught up thinking that you need the fastest speed available but in reality, you only really need the speed that accommodates what you and your family will be using the internet connection for.

Speed requirements can differ substantially based on the number of internet users in the household and what the internet will be used for. For example, a single person household may not need as fast a connection as a large family and a dedicated gamer may need a faster speed than both of those situtations.

Below is a guide of the download speeds required for different activities:

Download Speed (Mbps) Suitable for
12Low use, single person households, web browsing, email and light video steaming for a single device
25Fine for singles or couples, HD video streaming and video conferencing, 4K video streaming may buffer
50Good for families and working from home, allow multiple video streams and video conferencing
100Great for large families or sharehouses, allows multiple simultaneous 4K video streaming, great for gamers
250Super fast speeds for heavy internet users. Great for live streaming and gaming.
1000The faster speed tier, faster than most people would use, only available for FTTP and HFC connections
Guide to internet speeds required for different situations

Test your internet speed

Why not use our broadband speed test tool to see how fast your internet connection is? Make sure you compare it to your plan to ensure you are getting the connection speed that you are paying for!