What broadband speed do I need for my security system?

December 20th, 2023
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What broadband speed do I need for my security system?

Nowadays, everything in life seems connected online, and an active internet connection feels as necessary as anything in life. The interconnectedness of devices is made even easier with the ability to access any device from our phones or laptops; Security systems are no different. It is important to look at exactly what broadband speed is needed to operate a security system and what upload and download speeds are sufficient to operate them.

What do we mean by broadband speed?

Broadband speed simply refers to how quickly we can upload or download data using the internet. The speed determines the amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded per second. For better speed and connection, you can check out the various speeds the Internet service providers offer in your area and what type of connection they offer. Our broadband plans page lists all the broadband plans available in Australia. Check it out here.

Upload and download speed

To better understand what broadband speed we need, we need to see how upload and download speeds are relevant to a security system.

Upload speed is important in picking up the feed from the security cameras and sending it to either your smartphone or any other device. Download speed is important for downloading that feed from the camera onto the device you are using. This means for optimal usage of an online security system, both upload and download speed are important.

Of course, the speed required can vary from camera to camera, with some cameras requiring minimal internet and some requiring very high speeds. For most systems, a minimum upload speed of 5mbps should be sufficient to view a watchable feed from the camera to a device. Usage of more than one camera would mean a higher required speed. A higher internet speed also allows the user to watch the feed from their devices at a better quality.

To ensure your security system operates reliably we would recommend a NBN or wireless plan with a 25Mbs download speed.

You can use our internet speed test to test the speed of your current connection and see if you need to upgrade or not.

Internet stability

Alongside having a sufficient broadband speed, it is also important that your connection is reliable. On a connection where the speed can constantly drop or be lost, the camera might lose its feed in some instances, negatively affecting the video feed and video recording capability of the system.

Security cameras might, in some cases, be too far from the wireless router, which could affect the wireless signal strength and decrease the reliability of the security camera.

If the home internet connection is used by multiple people, this can cause congestion on the network and result in reliability issues with the camera during times of heavy internet usage.

Solutions to poor broadband speed and network stability?

The obvious solution to most of these problems would be to get a better and more stable connection, but this isn’t always possible as the Internet service providers in your area might be limited or might not be able to offer their optimal speeds.

Alternatively, using a different product is also a valid option. As technology evolves, so do security systems with more and more different products available. One such product is a solar-powered security camera. The XS7 Pro is a camera that requires very low connection speeds and can pick up Wi-Fi signals from very far distances. The XS7 pro is also solar-powered, which means it is more environmentally friendly and does not affect your electricity bill. Being solar powered also allows it to be always on even if you run into power problems, as the solar panel on the camera allows it to store enough energy to use for the night.

On top of requiring minimal bandwidth and no electricity, the XS7 Pro also offers 1080p picture quality with features such as Night vision, 2-way microphones, and motion alert sensors. For more information, you can visit the XS7 pros website.