A comparison of broadband internet speeds in Australia

January 25th, 2024
fast internet

The majority of Australians are connected to the internet via the NBN network which offers numerous different types of connections ranging from Sky Muster Satellite to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). Other types of internet connections are also available in Australia such as Elon Musk’s newly introduced Starlink Satellite network and also 4G and 5G internet which relies on the mobile phone network.

The chart below shows a comparison of all the types of home internet available in Australia and their maximum speeds. Please note that the speeds shown are maximum speeds of the technology and may not represent the actual speeds that customers would receive as there are many factors that affect this. Wireless 5G internet is the one to watch as users have reported experiencing speeds of much faster that 1000Mbps in real life. It may emerge as a real contender to the NBN in the near future.

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